Why choose a technical DCS for my graduate studies?

    2022-09-21 13:20:46

    Are you hesitating between a technical DCS and a pre-university DCS at the end of your high school studies ?

    These two different diplomas are in any case a relevant choice! Because, compared to a professional with only a SSD, you will earn $560,000 more during your career. Interesting, isn't it? So why choose a technical DCS? To help you make the right choice, we're taking a look at the technical DCS!

    A technical DCS is generally completed in 2 or 3 years of study.

    If your goal is to enter the job market, this is the training you need!

    Indeed, this diploma is designed to provide you with all the tools and knowledge you will need for your career.

    It is designed to meet the expectations of your future employers and allow you to be a competent professional from the moment you take up your position with the necessary skills to face the challenges of the field.

    A program to accelerate your career

    The DCS technical program is a practical program, as you can see!

    The program includes work experience in companies, particularly in the form of internships, so that you can compare your knowledge with the reality of the working world.

    You will be trained more quickly to practice your future profession and some courses also allow you to work in a sandwich program, which means that you will be paid during your studies!

    IThere are many technical DCS programs  depending on the professional activity you are aiming for and the sector that interests you.

    A program to choose a career

    Often, when you are a student, it is difficult to project yourself!

    How can you know what kind of job you want to do without having been able to see what it really is?

    One of the advantages of a technical DCS is that it not only provides you with skills related to the field you are interested in, but also gives you an overview of the different trades that are involved.

    With a technical DCS, you can take the time to specialize and choose the career that is right for you!

    An enhanced program

    In both the public and private sectors, the professionals who are sought after are self-starters, able to integrate their duties without needing guidance.

    With a technical DCS, you are ready to work.

    With technical skills and field experience, you are highly employable and valued by recruiters and employers.

    They will be more inclined to trust you and give you responsibilities quickly.

    Since the technical DCSs are updated according to the evolution of the job market and the sector taught, you are an interesting element for your employers who will not need to resort to additional training in order for you to practice your trade.

    Many DEC technical graduates are approached by their future employers even before the end of their program! Why? Because they are recognized as future key elements capable of working independently.

    And if you want to continue your studies at university after your technical DEC, it's possible! This is what 25% of technical DEC graduates do.

    The technical DCS has many advantages!

    It allows you to acquire what future employers are looking for in terms of skills, autonomy and knowledge.

    It also allows you to enter the professional world quickly, to find a job, and to advance in your career with a higher salary.

    It also allows you to continue your studies at the university if you have changed your mind and opens up many wonderful perspectives!

    Do you think the DCS is for you?

    We'll help you find the right technical DCS for you!

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