Which technical DCS to choose for which career?

    2022-09-21 16:28:14

    The Diploma of Collegial Studies, abbreviated as DCS, is a diploma issued by the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur that completes a pre-university or technical program of study.

    While pre-university DCSs are designed to prepare you to continue your studies, technical DCSs are more specifically aimed at professional integration. So, which DCS should you choose to practice the profession you want?

    Here are some answers to help you choose the DCS Technical at Collège Universel that best suits you!

    DCSs are programs that focus on the acquisition of technical skills relevant to the exercise of a professional activity.

    The idea?

    To enable learners to move towards a job as soon as they obtain their Technical DCS. [Link to article 7]

    However, it is also possible to go on to university studies after a DCS.

    The DCSs include opportunities for practical internships in a professional environment to quickly grasp the reality of the targeted sector and the day-to-day life of this profession.

    Have you been seduced by the practical and professional approach of the DCS?

    How do you choose the DCS Technical program that best suits your ambitions?

    But which one to choose according to the profession you would like to practice?

    What careers are possible with a DEC en techniques de travail social ?

    If you are looking for a job with a positive impact, if you have the personal qualities of listening, empathy, benevolence, and social awareness, you have probably been attracted to this Technical DCS.

    It is for you to become a key player in society by helping and supporting people who need it the most.

    At Collège Universel, this Technical DCS is very popular, especially because it is the only one in the Outaouais region to be recognized by the Quebec government.

    Offered in a two-year intensive program or in a regular three-year program, this DCS will allow you to undertake projects with a positive impact on your professional future.

    What jobs can you do with this technical DCS?  

    • Social Work Technician
    • Addiction Worker
    • Social Worker
    • Socio-economic assistance officer
    • Probation officer
    • Socio-community officer
    • Compensation officer
    • Entrepreneur in the social milieu, project leader

    What careers are possible with a DEC en gestion de projet en communications graphiques ?

    Do you dream of a creative job?

    Do you like communication?

    Are you fascinated by psychological mechanisms?

    Are you sensitive to images and have a sense of graphic design?

    This DCS in graphic communications project management will allow you to turn your passion into a profession.

    You will be able to enhance a communication message through impactful graphic design, to meet your client's objectives.

    When he/she comes to consult you to formulate his/her communication problem, you will be able to create the relevant and creative answer that will allow him/her to improve his/her performance and seduce his/her target.

    You will also be trained on the web tools that are essential today in an efficient communication strategy.

    As the only DCS program in graphic communications project management in the Outaouais region recognized by the Quebec government, this DCS allows you to target several rapidly expanding professions!

    What jobs can you do with this Technical DCS?

    • Project manager in marketing or advertising
    • Marketing coordinator
    • Advertising agency broker
    • Graphic Arts Sales Representative
    • Printing Supervisor
    • Agency Customer Service Coordinator

    Quels métiers avec un DEC de services financiers et assurances ?

    Are you interested in insurance and financial services?

    Are you rigorous, a good listener and a good communicator, do you like to advise and are you curious?

    This DCS in financial services and insurance techniques is a DCS adapted for all those who wish to become competent professionals in a key field.

    With this training, you will be equipped to understand the specificities of the personal and commercial insurance sectors, while also deciphering the particularities of taxation, the economy and financial products.

    At the end of your studies, you will be able to carry out financial planning, insurance programs, handle claims settlements and other situations common to the insurance and finance professions.

    This DCS trains you for very important jobs that help many people make the right choices and manage complex situations in their daily lives.

    You also help people choose financial products that are in line with their constraints and objectives.

    You help them anticipate, plan and protect themselves from life's hazards.

    What jobs can you do with this technical DCS?

    • General insurance agent
    • Damage Insurance Broker
    • Claims adjuster
    • Financial security advisor
    • Personal finance advisor

    Do you know what career you want to pursue, but are not sure which technical DCS to choose?

    Do you have a career in mind and can't find it in the examples we have listed?

    Contact our guidance counsellors who will help you choose the technical DCS that corresponds to your vocation!

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