Which Pre-university DEC to choose according to my profile? Social science ? Natural Sciences? Arts, Literature and Communication?

    2022-09-21 16:44:02

    Pre-university programs allow you to acquire knowledge before starting a full university program. It is also a way to gradually discover the career you want to practice by exploring a given field.

    How do you choose the right college DCS for you? Which college program meets your ambitions and characteristics? We help you choose!

    Choose your DCS: define your life mission

    When choosing a DCS, ask yourself what impact you would like to have on the world? What interests you and what challenges would you like to overcome? What are your interests and what would you like to do?

    Then what role would you like to play?

    1. To improve people's living conditions, preserve the environment and contribute to animal welfare
    2. Participate in the development of organizations
    3. Raise awareness, inform
    4. Help companies communicate and differentiate themselves
    5. To move people, to entertain
    6. Understand social phenomena
    7. Participate in social and human progress
    8. Improve collective and individual security
    9. Manage human and financial resources

    The DCS in the humanities, natural sciences and arts, humanities and communications meet several of these objectives respectively.

    DCS in social sciences: understanding the issues of society

    Do you want to ?

    • Contribute to social change?
    • Understand social phenomena?
    • Participate in the progress of societies and people?
    • To defend rights ?
    • Manage human resources?
    • Analyze data to formulate recommendations?

    The DCS in Social Sciences is an exciting course of study that values the student's commitment to his or her convictions towards the Other. Two profiles are available to you: Individual, Contemporary Issues and Organization, and Mathematics, Administration and Society.

    This DCS responds to the ambitions of those who want to participate in fruitful change, both socially and within economic organizations, by understanding social and human phenomena and behaviour.

    DCS in Natural Sciences: Advancing the World through Science

    Do you want to be the one who formulates answers to contemporary problems?

    Do you want to create solutions to today's challenges?

    Improve the well-being of people, the environment and animals?

    Do you like to analyze data to draw conclusions?

    Science for Progress is the foundation of the DCS in Natural Sciences, a program designed for those who want to contribute to the well-being of all through their skills in specific fields.

    Physics, biology, physics or mathematics are the foundations of this DCS focused on the world of health and engineering.

    DCS Arts, literature and communications: emotional intelligence to make an impression

    Are you passionate about words and their power?

    Are you convinced of the importance of information?

    Do you like to dig into a subject and ask questions?

    Are you fascinated by the changes in the media in the age of the Internet?

    Are you intrigued by human behavior and psychology?

    Do you like to write, imagine, communicate your vision and create?

    The DCS in arts, literature and communication covers all areas of the arts and communication. Cinema, traditional media, social media, advertising, journalism, those who like to think and formulate messages, regardless of their channels and purpose, will find in this program something to satisfy their passion and feed their ambitions!

    To choose your DCS, it is important to know yourself.

    Identify what characterizes you, your strengths and what you want to bring to the world.

    The how, your future profession, is certainly not yet defined, but choosing a DCS opens the doors to your potential by exploring the field that corresponds to you the most.

    So, have you decided?

    Our admissions counselors can help you find out more!