Admission and integration process

International Students Admission and integration process


1. Choose your program 

We invite you to discover our programs and choose the program that meets your objectives. If you are unsure, please fill out the information form so that one of our admissions advisors can contact you for a personalized orientation. 

Our programs :

  • Pre-University DCS
    • Social Sciences
    • Natural Sciences
    • Arts, Literature and Communications 
  • Technical DCS
    • Social Service
    • Graphic Communications Project Management
    • Financial Services and Insurance Technology
  • ACS
    • Digital Marketing
    • CyberSecurity
    • Electronic Commerce
    • Insurance and Financial Services Consulting
    • Event Project Management and Planning

2. Proceed to your online admission

Once you have chosen the program that suits you, you are ready to apply online and proceed to the payment of your admission and pre-registration fees via Omnivox.

3. Provide the necessary documents to the College

To obtain the admission letter that will be attached to your file, we invite you to send us by email or appload online legible copies of the documents below.

If they are not in French, these documents must be accompanied by an official translation by a certified translator. The original versions of these documents must be presented upon arrival at the College :

  1. Birth certificate;
  2. Academic record of the last three years of high school (mandatory);
  3. Post-secondary school transcripts (if applicable);
  4. Most recent diplomas and certificates.
What documents do I need to obtain to study in Quebec? 

4. The CAQ application

We recommend that you begin the process of obtaining the Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) upon admission to Canada and that you begin the process of obtaining a study permit at the same time. This will save you time, as the process can take more than 12 weeks. .

To begin the process of obtaining your CAQ, we must have received all the documents that make up your file as well as the payment of the admission fee of $250. Then, we will give you an official admission letter that will allow you to apply. 

Here are the steps to follow to obtain your CAQ:  :

  1. Download the online application form
  2. After your online application, you will need to complete and sign the CAQ.
  3. Pay the CAQ application fee of $111.
  4. Provide a copy of your passport that shows your photo, expiration date, name and signature on it.
  5. Produce an original copy of the admission letter that we have given you. 
  6. For any additional document, we invite you to refer to the form that lists all the documents to be provided.

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5. The application for a study permit

Once you have obtained your CAQ, you are invited to continue the process of obtaining your study permit, which is required for your studies in Canada. 

To obtain your study permit, you will need the following documents :

  1. Your passport
  2. Your Quebec acceptance certificate (CAQ)
  3. The original copy of your admission letter 
  4. A document that proves that you have the necessary funds to cover the costs of your studies and your personal expenses. You will need to show that you have a minimum amount of money to cover your annual living expenses.
  5. A medical certificate attesting to your good health  
  6. A police certificate attesting to your criminal record 

However, it is important to contact the nearest Canadian embassy for detailed information on how to apply.

It is also important to note that the above list is not exhaustive and that the documents required to obtain a visa may differ from one country to another.

Once your application is complete and has been reviewed, the Canadian office will send you a response within the specified time frame.