Collège Universel Expertise


– Effective preparation for university studies

Over 90% of our students continue their studies in the program and university of their choice.

– An environment that promotes learning

We offer all our students access to experienced and available faculty. We believe that every student is important and that is why we pay attention to their needs.

– Customized services for greater success

Support services are available to facilitate learning and meet the needs of our students. Individualized support is available even outside of class hours. Every effort is made to ensure their success. The College also offers adaptive measures for students with special needs.

– A stimulating student life

Not only are our students able to excel in their studies thanks to the constant support of their teachers, but they are also involved in many stimulating extracurricular activities. Whether it is the student trips, the Cégep shows, the writing marathon, the entrepreneurship club, the intercollegiate poetry collection or even thematic evenings and outings, they have the chance to socialize, share and relax with their classmates!

– Competitive sports

At the Gatineau Campus, we offer student-athletes the opportunity to combine a quality education with the practice of a high-level sport. Our sports teams distinguish themselves in several disciplines: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s hockey, soccer… We also welcome students who are part of the sports-study alliance .