Insurance and Financial Services Consulting (LCA.FR)

  • Program organisation
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Sessions: 4
  • Mode:
    - On-site
    - Online
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  • Registration ongoing
  • Training location
  • - Campus Gatineau


Are you interested in the insurance and financial services industry?

The Insurance and Financial Services Consulting ACS program will provide you with three important skills: a thorough knowledge of the insurance and financial services fields, the skills to recommend specific products and services in these fields, and the ability to communicate and manage your own career.

The training is structured to enable you to work in both the financial services and life and health insurance sectors.

Based on the requirements of these three subject areas, the program develops the skills necessary to perform the following professional activities:
  • Settle claims
  • Assess risk and recommend and sell personal and commercial property and casualty insurance products
  • Sell individual and group insurance products as well as savings, investment and credit products
  • Act as a client representative
  • Analyze client needs and objectives
  • Develop programs and recommend insurance or financial services
  • Analyze the risks and particularities of insurance applications to determine if they should be accepted or refused
  • Settle and monitor insurance claims

Possibility of financial support from the Government of Quebec for eligible candidates. Certain conditions apply.

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5 Reasons to choose this program:

  • 1 To take advantage of the only ACS program in insurance and financial services consulting in the Outaouais recognized by the Quebec government.
  • 2 To develop expertise in financial services, insurance, claims, investments, etc.
  • 3To gain professional status in an interesting, dynamic and essential field.
  • 4 To develop the skills necessary to provide impeccable customer service and advise clients wisely.
  • 5To experience an integration course that will allow you to put your new knowledge to the test.

You will develop a variety of skills during your training. These include analyzing various insurance products, complying with legal and regulatory requirements in the financial services and insurance field, settling claims, determining the financial impact of personal finance decisions, and recommending and selling personal insurance, savings and investment products.

Job opportunities
Damage insurance agent Damage Insurance Broker Claims adjuster
Financial security advisor Personal finance advisor

To secure your seat in the Insurance and Financial Services Consulting ACS program, you must meet one of these requirements:

  • Hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) insofar as this DVS has enabled the holder to acquire training related to the program of study.


  • Hold a Secondary School Diploma (SSD) or an education deemed sufficient AND meet one of the following conditions:
    • Have interrupted studies for at least two consecutive terms or one academic year
    • Have completed at least one year of post-secondary studies over a period of one year or more
    • Be covered by an agreement between the School and an employer.
480 hours 480 hours
  • Universe of financial services and insurance (45 h)
  • Collaboration and communication in the digital age (45 h)
  • Evolution of contemporary macroeconomic and financial issues (45 h)
  • Introduction to financial statements (45 h)
  • Ethical and professional practice issues (45 h)
  • Developing and presenting a recommendation for financial products (45 h)
  • Professional integration workshop (60 h)
  • Advising individuals in general insurance (45 h)
  • Client needs in automobile insurance (60 h)
  • Preparation for the internship (45 h)
  • Internship 1 (225 h)
  • Customer approach and sales techniques (60 h)
  • Consulting role: strategies and best practices (45 h)
  • Personal taxation: analysis and advice (60 h)
  • Investments and financial markets (45 h)
  • Advising companies on insurance and civil liability (45 h)


465 hours 450 hours
  • Marketing et développement des affaires (60 h)
  • Statistiques et relation client (60 h)
  • Gestion des finances personnelles (60 h)
  • Conseils sur mesure en assurance maladie et accidents (45 h)
  • Expertise en règlement de sinistres (75 h)
  • Conseils sur mesure en assurance vie (45 h)
  • Solutions d'investissements (60 h)
  • Financement des entreprises (60 h)
  • Stage en milieu professionnel (225 h)
  • Séminaire synthèse (90 h)
  • Stratégies d'optimisation fiscale (45 h)
  • Assurance collective et régimes de retraite (45 h)
  • Financement et gestion de crédit (45 h)
  • Total programme : 1875 heures
  • Unités : 63,3
ACS in Insurance and Financial Services Consulting ( 4 sessions - 2 years)
Admission fees Annual registration fees Tuition fees per session
Quebec Students
Tuition fees per session
Canadian students not resident in Quebec
Tuition fees per session
International Students
50 $ 200 $ 3 508 $ 5 361 $ 6 790 $
*These amounts are established for the 2022-23 school year. They are subject to change.
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