Arts, Literature and Communications (500.A1)

  • Program organisation
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Sessions: 4
  • Mode:
    - On-site
    - Online
  • Next cohort
  • Fall 2023
  • Training location
  • - Campus Gatineau


Are you a passionate creative person? Does the world of communications attract you?

This program prepares you for careers in media (such as television and radio), journalism, teaching, advertising, film, writing, animation, public relations, law, and any other field where communication skills are essential.

By the end of this program, you will have acquired a solid knowledge that is supported by real-life communication experiences.



Offered without mathematics, the Communication profile gives you a unique access to profound knowledge in the following fields: film, television, advertising, radio, social media and journalism. In a single program, explore several spheres and make the best choice for your university studies!

5 Reasons to choose this program :

  • 1Experience all aspects of the arts, literature and communication in one program
  • 2Benefit from the constant support and availability of experienced teachers
  • 3 Create truly exciting multimedia projects
  • 4 Benefit from free material resources to build your projects
  • 5 Access to the real radio studio thanks to a partnership agreement with the Université du Québec in Outaouais.

Academic Perspectives

Communication Televisiom Radio Journalism Advertising
Marketing Cinema Film studies Teaching Education Cultural events animation
Media and multimedia Public relations Philosophy Writing GRaphic design graphique
Law Scripting Creative writing Literature studies Theater
Drama History of Art Langues Linguistics Translation Museology

To secure your seat in the Arts, Literature and Communications program, you must meet the general admission requirements of the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur du Québec at the college level.

Program , Without Mathematics

375 hours 405 hours 405 hours 375 hours
Forms of Discourse (60 h) Introduction to College English (60 h) Litterary Genres (60 h) Literary Themes (60 h)
Philosophy: Knowledge *
340-101-MQ 4 h (3-1-3) 2,33 un. [4PH0]
Philosophy: Humanities - World Views *
340-102-MQ 3 h (3-0-3) 2,00 un. [4PH1]
PR : 340-101-MQ
Philosophy: Ethical Issues *
340-ETH-UC 3 h (3-0-3) 2,00 un. [4PHP]
PR : 340-101-MQ
English (1)

604-xxx-MQ 3 h (2-1-3) 2,00 un. [4SA0] ou [4SA1] ou [4SA2] ou [4SA3]

Proper English (2)

604-xxx-UC 3 h (2-1-3) 2,00 un. [4SAP] ou [4SAQ] ou [4SAR] ou [4SAS]

Physical activity and efficiency *
109-102-MQ 2 h (0-2-1) 1,00 un. [4EP1]
Physical activity and health *
109-101-MQ 2 h (0-2-1) 1,00 un. [4EP0]
Physical activity and autonomy
109-103-MQ 2 h (1-1-1) 1,00 un. [4EP2]
PR : 109-101-MQ et 109-102-MQ
Media Universe
585-UM1-UC 3 h (2-1-3) 2,00 un. [054P(C)]
Quebec media: success and controversy
585-MQ2-UC 4 h (2-2-4) 2,66 un. [054R(C)]
Cinema: from analysis to criticism
530-CA3-UC 4 h (2-2-3) 2, 33 un. [054S(C)]
World Media: Current Trends
585-MM4-UC 3 h (2-1-3) 2,00 un. [054T(C)]
History of culture I
502-HC1-UC 4 h (3-1-3) 2,33 un. [054Q(P)]
History of culture  II
502-HC2-UC 4 h (3-1-3) 2,33 un. [054Q(P)]
Advertising creation
585-CP3-UC 3 h (1-2-3) 2,00 un. [0554(C)]
Web journalism
585-JW4-UC 4 h (2-2-3) 2,33 un. [0553 (C)]
Introduction to communication
585-CM1-UC 3 h (2-1-3) 2,00 un. [054V(P)]
Communication projects
585-PC2-UC 3 h (1-2-4) 2,33 un. [054W(C)]
Radio: program project
585-RP3-UC 4 h (1-3-3) 2,33 un. [054X(C)]
Television: production of a program (3)

585-TR4-UC 5 h (2-3-5) 3,33 un. [054U(C)]

Voice techniques
585-TV1-UC 3 h (1-2-3) 2,00 un. [054V(P)]
A complementary course
(According to the list of courses offered)
3 h - 2,00 un.
A complementary course
(According to the list of courses offered)
3 h - 2,00 un.
 Pre-University DCS in arts, literature and communications ( 4 sessions - 2 ans )
Admission fee Annual registration fee Tuition fees per session
Students residing in Quebec
Tuition fees per session
Canadian students not residing in Quebec
Tuition fees per session
International students
50 $ 200 $ 1 507 $ 3 360 $ 6 590 $
*These amounts are established for the 2022-23 school year. They are subject to change.
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