Services Offered

International Students Services Offered


Before your arrival 

For the choice of your program

We offer you personalized guidance so that you can choose the program best suited to your profile, your objectives, your study plan and your professional ambitions. 

One of our admissions counselors will be at your disposal to  :

  • Inform you about the different programs and opportunities; 
  • Study your file and guide you towards the appropriate program;
  • Inform you about the city of Gatineau, the campus and all the facilities available to you;
  • Accompany you in the admissions process. 

Then, you will be admitted to the program that corresponds to you with a clear vision of the opportunities that are available. 

For your administrative procedures

It goes without saying that in order to enter our college, it is imperative that you obtained your study permit. This is the only way for you to arrive in Canada and pursue your higher education. To maximize your chances of obtaining your study permit, we will put you in touch with professionals who will guide you through the whole process. 

Our partners will be at your disposal to :   

  • Accompany you and advise you in the preparation of your application for a study permit; 
  • Submitting your file; 
  • Follow up and ensure the various reminders regarding your application;

For the preparation of your arrival

Once you have obtained your study permit, you are invited to inform your admissions advisor so that he/she can take care of your arrival. 

In order to meet you at the airport, it is imperative that you inform your admissions counselor of your arrival date two weeks in advance to ensure that you are picked up at the airport. 

The fee for this service is $200. 

Housing Assistance: 
To secure housing prior to your arrival and to take advantage of our housing services, we invite you to notify your admissions advisor 3 weeks in advance. This notification will allow the advisor to offer you either: 

  • Accommodation in a host family: 
    In the Gatineau-Ottawa region, staying with a host family can be a very immersive experience! It will allow you to discover the warmth of a Canadian family and to practice your English and French. We offer you the option of host families with a proven track record and a high satisfaction rate. 
  • Accommodation in a student residence: 
    If you want to be more independence, a residence in the city center is ideal for you! Depending on your budget and preferences, our staff will provide you with options for a student room or shared apartment before you arrive. The student residences are well-equipped, allowing you to access all the facilities you will need independently while enjoying the proximity of the city center. 

The fee for this service is $750. This is a reservation fee that may vary depending on the option chosen. 

 On your arrival 

When do you arrive?

  • If you are registered for the Fall 2022 session, it is imperative that you arrive in Canada during the second week of August to settle in and familiarize yourself with the area. 
  • If you are registered for the winter session, mid-December would be the appropriate arrival date. 

Once you are settled in!

We invite you to go to Collège Universel – Campus Gatineau to drop off all the original copies of your file and to proceed with the payment of the tuition fees to obtain all your logins, the annual calendar and your student card. 

Welcome Day

We organize a welcome and integration day to inform you about the teaching system at Collège Universel, the different services available to you, the use of the student portal, as well as a guided tour of the campus. 

Upon your arrival, you will receive an email indicating the date and place of the welcome day. 


– Bank account

When you arrive, it is essential to open a bank account to ensure all your transactions. To do this, you can go to any bank near the Collège. To open an account, it is important that you present your passport, your study permit and your student card.

Banque nationale du Canada
Banque de Montréal

– Driving in Quebec

You can drive while you are a student with a valid foreign driver’s license.

If your driver’s license is not in English or French, we recommend that you apply for an international driver’s license in the country where you obtained your license.

– Consumption Tax

Almost all goods and services are subject to consumption taxes imposed by the federal and provincial governments. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 5% and the Quebec Sales Tax (QST) is 9.975%. Unless otherwise stated, these taxes are not included in the prices indicated.