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Maintaining a permanent link with businesses in order to train highly employable profiles, with skills that are anchored in the realities of the market, is unequivocally part of our DNA.
This is why, at Collège Universel – Campus Gatineau, we are proud to accompany each year the professional integration of our graduates and to offer local companies willing, competent and ambitious profiles.
This mission is proudly carried out by our placement service, which is aimed at all employers in the private and public sectors who are looking for competent future employees.

Who are our candidates?

  • They pursue pre-university or technical training adapted to the requirements and evolution of the market, such as finance and insurance, social work, digital marketing, e-commerce, cybersecurity…and much more!
  • They are introduced to the job market as soon as they enter the College through internships, practical workshops, meetings with professionals to share experience and best practices… and much more!
  • They develop, in addition to the skills acquired during their years of training, transversal skills such as: autonomy, agility, initiative and reliability.
  • They are adept with computer tools and digital means as they evolve in a connected campus and in a highly technological environment.

What can you offer our students and graduates?

  • Internships
  • Part-time jobs
  • Full time jobs

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