The College Experience

International Students The College Experience

The College Experience 

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Cultural Activities

Enjoy a lively cultural life every session! 

Offered services

  • 1 Organized outings to the theater, in the Outaouais and in Montreal
  • 2 Conferences
  • 3 Amateur shows 
  • 4 Literary activities 
  • 5 Museum visits 
  • 6 And much more! 

Are you more of a sports type?

You’ll find a wide range of sports activities available to you to enjoy alongside your studies! 

  • 1 Skiing and outdoor activities 
  • 2 Mixed volleyball 
  • 3 Ball-hockey 
  • 4 Ultimate frisbee 
  • 5 Teacher/student friendly matches 
  • 6 Depending on the interests of our students, we diversify the activities offered! 

Registrar and Financial Aid 

For any information concerning your academic file or financial aid, contact the designated contact person: 

Mrs. Carole Hébert 

290 Saint-Joseph Street #200 Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 3Y3 

Telephone: 819 503-2400 

Fax: 819 776-1369 

E-mail: [email protected] 

To learn more about Student Financial Assistance, visit the AFE website. 

Orientation, educational and professional information 

Do you have questions or need information about school, career or orientation? 

Meet with our orientation advisor who will answer your questions! 

You can also make an appointment by email at [email protected] 

Student Assistance 

Do you feel the need to confide in someone?

Do you have a personal problem? 

You can talk about it freely to our student support and counselling service for psychological well-being, academic success and orientation, they will listen to what you are going through and advise you. 

Make an appointment directly by email at [email protected]