Educational Innovations

Collège Universel Educational Innovations


– Active learning

We integrate active pedagogy into our learning methods. This approach allows our students to be actors in their learning process with the objective of building knowledge by confronting concrete problems.

– Competence approach

We adopt this method to allow our students to become aware of their abilities, to develop them in order to mobilize effective means to carry out one or more tasks in a given situation.

– Hybrid learning

With the advent of digital technology and all the possibilities it offers, at Collège Universel, we provide an open combination of face-to-face, real-time and distance learning activities, in synchronous or asynchronous mode. Our students appreciate this mode of learning, which allows them to evolve at their own pace.

– Inclusive education and personalised learning

This positioning approach allows all of our teachers to identify students’ skills at the beginning of the program in order to offer them, if necessary, an adapted aid system to fill their gaps, progress at their optimal pace and succeed in their college studies.