What to do after the pre-university DCS? We will tell you all about the opportunities!

    2022-09-21 15:25:12

    The DEC is the diploma that closes your 2 years of college studies, to then follow studies in the undergraduate university program of your choice.

    This two-year program is a preparation for the rest of your university career with a specialization approach that allows you to enrich your skills and give you an idea of the sector that interests you.

    What to do after your Diploma of Collegial Studies? Let's take a look!

    What are the objectives of the pre-university DCS?

    The pre-university DCS gives you a more general education than you had in high school, by narrowing the focus of your specialization.

    During the previous years, you were able to gain insight into your strengths, the subjects that interest you and the areas that you are passionate about.

    You were able to get to know yourself better and develop personal qualities.

    During your pre-university DCS, you will have enough knowledge to define your preferences, explore the specificities of the field that corresponds to you the most and approach disciplines that you did not discover in high school.

    The pre-university DCS is a springboard for the student to deepen a particular field of study before embarking on an even more specific university path.

    Do you have an idea of the university program that interests you?

    The pre-university DEC prepares you to pursue your studies by choosing the DCS program that is in line with your university project.

    Career opportunities for pre-university DCS

    With a pre-university DCS, you can get to university more quickly and prepare yourself in the field of your choice.

    But, is it possible to go into the job market with a pre-university DCS?

    The pre-university diploma is not intended to lead you to the job market or to specific jobs.

    The purpose of this diploma is to make it easier for you to continue your university studies.

    Students who choose the two-year pre-university program at Collège Universel can study in the natural sciences, humanities, arts and communications or pop and jazz music.

    • Career opportunities for the pre-university DCS in Natural Sciences

    The natural sciences can lead to various university programs such as: agronomy, biochemistry, biology, chiropractic, dietetics, agri-food economics and management, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nutrition, optometry, speech-language pathology and audiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy or actuarial science, forest management and environment, architecture, biophysics, computer science, meteorology, microelectronics, physics, statistics and engineering.

    • Opportunities for a pre-university DCS in Social Sciences

    Students in the social sciences and humanities can choose from various profiles, including Individual, Contemporary Issues and Organization, Mathematics, and Administration and Society.

    Upon completion of this DCS, you can join the following university programs: special education, administration, anthropology, commerce, communication, criminology, demography, law, economics, teaching, geography, human resources management, history, actuarial mathematics, orthopedagogy, psychology, recreology, political science, accounting sciences, service or social work and sociology.

    • Career opportunities for the DCS in Arts, Literature and Communications

    With a DCS in arts, literature and communication, students have access to a multitude of university programs: cultural animation, cinema, communication, film studies, literary studies, art history, journalism, comparative literature, linguistics, public relations, translation, marketing, etc.

    Not sure which pre-university DCS is right for you?

    We can help you find your way!