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All about the Ottawa-Gatineau National Capital Region, a popular study destination for international students!
2022-09-21 15:35:37
The popularity of the Ottawa-Gatineau region among international students is no accident! Ranked as the best place to live in Canada by MoneySense, Ottawa and the surrounding region continues to attract students from around the world because of its cosmopolitan feel, its vast spaces for outdoor activities and sports, its quality of life, and the excellence of its colleges with bilingual instruction. Ottawa, located south of the Ottawa River in the province of Ontario, is the federal capital of Canada. The metropolitan area itself, Ottawa-Gatineau, is populated by 1.2 million people including Ottawa and Gatineau, north of the Ottawa River in the province of Quebec. Why choose the Ottawa-Gatineau region for your studies? International students, here is some useful information for you to consider!

A cosmopolitan student population

Ultra-attractive, the student population of the region is increasingly numerous and varied. Here, more than 150 nationalities live side by side, creating a rich, stimulating, enriching, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Foreign students are integrated into a friendly melting pot where everyone discovers each other's culture. The result? An ethnic and cultural diversity that translates into lively and surprising cities, a varied gastronomy and a vibrant artistic and cultural life.

A variety of excellent educational offerings

The Ottawa-Gatineau region is particularly sought after by students for the quality of its institutions, whose reputation is recognized internationally. By following the Canadian system, these institutions deliver high quality degrees that lead to optimal employability with companies worldwide. Here, you will also benefit from a bilingual education, a real asset for your future career. Note: Collège Universel is the only private Bilingual college in the Outaouais.

Accessible quality of life.

The Ottawa-Gatineau region combines wide open spaces and a dynamic metropolis, intense nightlife, multiple sports activities, and recognized excellence in education at a much lower cost than elsewhere in the world. In fact, especially when it comes to studies, the institutions offer degree programs at attractive rates. With a particularly pleasant quality of life, daily fresh air, a variety of sports and leisure activities, and attractive educational costs, Ottawa-Gatineau is the most affordable and fulfilling region in which to live.

A dynamic region

Ottawa-Gatineau is an employment area with a low unemployment rate! If you are a student looking for a region that will allow you to have a professional experience right after your studies, this is definitely the right choice for you! With competitive salaries, job opportunities, and growing communities, the Ottawa-Gatineau region offers opportunities for work experience during and after your studies.

Natural, cultural and leisure activities

If you're wondering what to do in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, the list is long! Museums, such as the War Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts, nature parks, amusement parks, natural parks, festivals, skating rinks... The array of things to do and see in the region is immense! Whether it's cultural events, historical sites, nature activities, thrill sports, team or individual, arts and entertainment, the Ottawa-Gatineau region will not let you get bored! More and more international students are setting their sights on the Ottawa-Gatineau region. And for cause! Cultural diversity, exceptional quality of life, affordable cost of living and education, employment opportunities, a breathtaking and safe environment, a vibrant nightlife, attractions, recreation and sports, a French-speaking community and undeniable quality of education, all come together to make the student years an unforgettable and formative experience! Are you considering studying in the Ottawa-Gatineau region? Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more! Contact  [email protected] or 819 503-2400