Collège Universel Our institution


Support for better success

The staff and faculty are committed to being available at all times to assist and support all of our students. At Collège Universel, we firmly believe that learning is most effective when it is a collaborative effort. 

Rigor in the pleasure of learning 

Studying at Collège Universel means learning with pleasure, but also with rigour. Attendance, perseverance and performance in class are synonymous with success for all students who attend our college. 

Educational practices that meet high standards of quality 

We are proud to have put in place educational practices and operating procedures that have, over the years, been able to motivate our students, meet their expectations and promote their success. The pedagogical director and the teaching staff are always on the lookout for the best practices in education in order to keep our pedagogical methods at the forefront of the college sector. 

Openness to others and to the world

At Collège Universel, we favour a living environment in which all are accepted, a multicultural environment that welcomes students from the region, from Quebec, from the rest of Canada and from abroad. Open-mindedness, discovery of others and appreciation of differences are part of the College experience. 

Promoting social responsibility and ethical behaviour

We strive to make our students aware of the contemporary challenges of our world. We want to help them develop their social responsibility and guide them towards ethical decision-making. We train the actors of tomorrow’s society.