A word from the President

Collège Universel Our institution


« Our College is distinguished by an educational project that promotes academic excellence in our students, while giving them the opportunity to enrich themselves through contact with others and to develop as human beings.

Our priority is to ensure that each member of our community can reach his or her full potential and achieve his or her academic and professional goals, all in a friendly environment on a resolutely human scale. 

Our signature reflects our vision very well: at Collège Universel, we want to BRING KNOWLEDGE AND SPIRIT TO LIFE. 

At Collège Universel, we strive to accompany our students towards success thanks to the constant support of a team of available teachers. Since each student has a different personality and needs, the support you will receive will be personalized to allow you to acquire the skills of your program of study. Whether it’s additional support to ensure your success, a helping hand to clarify and achieve your academic goals, or assistance to develop the tools and autonomy necessary to get there, we will always be there for you. 

Finally, studying at Collège Universel – Gatineau Campus also means enjoying the excellence of the only private bilingual college in the Outaouais region. »

Saloua Zraida, President and CEO 
mot de la présidente