A word from the President

Collège Universel Our institution


« Collège Universel continues a tradition of college education that began in the Outaouais region over 25 years ago, with a strong commitment to the student community at the heart of its mission. We want to build a human-sized learning environment with and for our students, a decisive factor in the success of our students thanks to the synergy between pedagogical excellence and close support for each student.

Over the years, our College has distinguished itself by the success of its students, who go on to achieve the academic and professional careers that they aspire to. 

Through an inclusive learning environment that encourages the development of each student’s academic abilities and personal qualities, our students develop their full potential, supported by a committed, caring and expert faculty and a responsive and available administrative team that knows each student, their aspirations and their expectations.

We place our students at the center of our concerns, giving priority to their needs and objectives, in order to put in place the most relevant means to help them achieve their goals.

We multiply innovations and services so that our students benefit from all the resources that promote their development and an optimal study experience.

Beyond the pedagogical aspect of training, for us, “education” also means shaping a sense of well-being by giving our students the keys to become the competent and accomplished future active person they wish to be.

This is the vision embodied in our signature: to promote being and knowing, which we believe are inseparable.

Here, we accompany our students step by step in their future trajectories to lead them to success by allowing them to discover and enrich their skills, aptitudes and individual characteristics.

As the only private college offering bilingual training in the Outaouais region, Collège Universel – Campus Gatineau is more than an educational institution; its vocation is to be the asset of your success. »

Saloua Zraida, President and CEO 
mot de la présidente