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What studies to do in Canada after high school? Pre-university DEC, Technical DEC, AEC... We tell you everything!
2022-09-21 15:43:18
Quebec is distinguished by a specific college system, unique in the world, particularly effective because it is concrete. After high school, you follow college studies that lead to a state diploma, the DCS, the Diploma of College Studies. This pre-university program allows you to join a university after two years of study of your DCS or to go directly to the job market after three/two years of study of a technical DCS. Quebec's unique system is an opportunity for you because it is designed to accelerate access to the job market and provide practical skills. How to choose your program? You wish to study in Quebec after your high school studies (high school for international students), pre-university DCS, technical DCS, or ACS, what should you choose? We tell you everything! Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for students, with French students in first place. Bilingual, with breathtaking landscapes, both European and American, multicultural and welcoming, just a few hours from the United States, Canada has many reasons to seduce. And, at the top of the list of preferences, the province of Quebec, where the specific college system allows students to train right after high school to access advanced university studies or to equip themselves with the necessary tools to enter the job market with a technical diploma in 3 years. So, how do you choose the course of study in Canada that best corresponds to your professional project? Follow the guide!

Pre-university DCS: preparing for university

After high school, the Canadian college system offers a pre-university college diploma that prepares you in two years to enter universities to pursue a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree. These diplomas are the ideal springboard for acquiring all the tools and methods you need to succeed in your university studies, regardless of the level you are aiming for. Choose your Pre-University DCS  with care is crucial, because these two years are your foundation for the entire duration of your university studies. As soon as you begin your DCS, you choose the profile that interests you, so that you have the knowledge you need for the rest of your studies. Each profile offers you numerous academic opportunities by arming you with the essential skills of analysis, relevance, communication and innovation.

DCS Techniques: make your ambitions a reality

Technical DCS programs  are intended for all those who want to move quickly towards the job market. Concrete and pragmatic, this state-recognized technical diploma allows you to acquire all the practical knowledge you will need for the job you want to do. Oriented towards employability and autonomy, this diploma, which you choose after the baccalaureate, trains you in specialized expertise with a curriculum punctuated by internships. The goal? To train professionals capable of meeting the requirements of their profession and their employer as soon as they graduate. If you don't want to study for a long time, if you have a clear idea of your vocation and if you want to enter the job market quickly, the technical DCSs are certainly made for you!

ACS: accelerate your career

The attestation of collegial studies is composed of a set of technical teachings that prepare you immediately for employment. So, how does this differ from a Technical DCS? The ACS, depending on the field, has varying lengths, generally counted in hours, while the Technical DCS are completed in 3 years or 2 years in an intensive mode. These college programs are credited and recognized, and are often derived from DCSs in order to effectively meet the demands of the job market. They are intended primarily for adults undergoing professional retraining and for professionals who want to hone their skills by specializing in a specific field. The goal is to quickly increase skills with targeted programs to land an ambitious job or improve performance. Pre-university DCS, technical DCS, ACS, you now know everything about the Canadian college system, its advantages and its specificities! Studying in Canada after high school allows you to follow a pedagogical program based on your interests, to better understand yourself and enrich your soft skills, with profiles that you can refine as you study, to specialize with a technical diploma oriented towards practice, or to quickly increase your skills in order to access a specific position. Thinking of continuing your studies after high school in Canada? Contact us to learn more about the opportunities available to you! Contact   [email protected] or 819 503-2400