Natural Sciences (200.B0)

  • Program organisation
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Sessions: 4
  • Mode:
    - On-site
  • Next cohort
  • Fall 2023
  • Training location
  • - Campus Gatineau


Inspired by biology, physics and chemistry?

The Natural Sciences program is designed to develop your scientific skills so that you can pursue a university education and a career in the sciences. It emphasizes learning through understanding, reflection and action.

The first year of the program is a core curriculum that includes four disciplines that will allow you to deepen your knowledge. In the second year, through courses focused on your chosen profile, you will be able to refine and acquire knowledge in the field of health sciences or engineering, pure and applied sciences.


- Health profile

This profile allows you to explore the world of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics and to choose more advanced courses in biology and chemistry. You will learn all the important concepts for your future university career.

- Pure and applied sciences profile

This profile allows you to explore the world of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics and to choose more advanced courses in engineering physics and mathematics. With this profile, you will have all the knowledge you need to succeed in your university studies.

4 Reasons to choose this program:

  • 1 Familiarize yourself with many aspects of the world of science.
  • 2 Enjoy a stimulating environment that promotes success, while having fun learning.
  • 3 Meet passionate and available teachers.
  • 4 Take advantage of a variety of success aids that will facilitate your progress through performance-driven programs.

- Health profile

Audiology Biology Biomedicine Biochemistry Biotechnology
Chemistry Chiropractic Dietetics Ergotherapy Kinesiology
Medicine Dentistry Veterinary Microbiology Nutrition
Optometry Pharmacy Physiotherapy Agronomy

- Pure and applied sciences profile

Actuarial science Astronomy Architecture Industrial Design  Engineering
Geology Geomatics Computer Science Mathematics Oceanography
Physics Environmental Sciences Statistics

To secure your seat in the Natural Sciences program, you must meet the general admission requirements of the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec and the following specific requirements: mathematics (Technico-sciences or Natural Sciences sequence), chemistry and physics in Secondary 5.

375 hours 405 hours 405 hours 375 hours
  • Forms of Discourse (60 h)
  • Philosophy: Knowledge (60 h)
  • Physical Activity and Efficiency (30 h)
  • Calculus 1 (Differential, 75 h)
  • Evolution and Diversity of Life (75 h)
  • Physics: Mechanics (75 h)
  • Introduction to College English (60 h)
  • Philosophy: Humanities - World Views (45 h)
  • English (45 h)
  • Physical Activity and Health (30 h)
  • Calculus 2 (Integral, 75 h)
  • General Chemistry: Matter (75 h)
  • Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (75 h)
  • Litterary Genres (60 h)
  • Proper English (45 h)
  • Physical activity and autonomy (30 h)
  • Complementary course (45 h)
  • Linear algebra and vector geometry (75 h)
  • Chemistry of solutions (75 h)
  • Physics: Waves and Modern Physics (75 h)
  • Literary Themes (60 h)
  • Philosophy: Ethical Issues (45 h)
  • Microbiology (75 h) or Engineering Physics (75 h)
  • Complementary course (45 h)

Two of the following courses:

  • Biology: Structure and functions of living organisms (75 h)
  • Organic Chemistry (75 h)
  • Calculus 3 (75 h)
Pre-university DCS in Natural Sciences ( 4 sessions - 2 years)
Admission fee Annual registration fee Tuition fees per session
Students residing in Quebec
Tuition fees per session
Canadian students not residing in Quebec
Tuition fees per session
International Students
50 $ 200 $ 1 507 $ 3 360 $ 6 590 $
*These amounts are established for the 2022-23 school year. They are subject to change.
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