Financial services and insurance technology (410.F0)

  • Program organisation
  • Formula:
    - Regular: 3 years, Intensive: 2 years
  • Sessions:
    - Regular: 6, Intensive: 6
  • Mode:
    - On-site
    - Online
  • Next cohort
  • Winter 2023
  • Training location
  • - Campus Gatineau


Are you fascinated by the insurance and financial services industry?

The training program will allow you to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the following fields:

  • Life Insurance
  • Group insurance of persons
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Savings and investment products
  • Financing and credit management

You will learn to develop financial recommendations for individuals and businesses and to manage claims. Finally, you will develop your communication skills with clients, learn to consider their needs and objectives while acquiring the skills necessary to manage your career and adapt to changes in the profession.

Exclusive! You can finish your training in only 2 years!

Collège Universel offers you the opportunity to complete the DEC in Financial Services and Insurance Techniques in an intensive program. You can complete the program in only two years and acquire, in a shorter period of time but with the same efficiency, all the skills you need to start your career. A special schedule and the renowned support of our faculty will allow you to have an enriching experience in this challenging program.


Possibility of financial support from the Government of Quebec for eligible candidates. Certain conditions apply.

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5 Reasons to choose this program :

  • 1To benefit from the only DCS program in financial services and insurance technology in the Outaouais recognized by the Quebec government.
  • 2 To acquire a thorough knowledge of the fields of personal and commercial insurance as well as financial products, economics and taxation.
  • 3 To gain professional status, learn to adjust to changes in the profession and manage your own career.
  • 4 To develop the skills necessary to provide excellent customer service and advise clients wisely.
  • 5 To experience an integration internship that will allow you to put your new knowledge to the test.

Various skills will be developed during your training. You will learn, among other things, to analyze various insurance products, to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the financial services and insurance field, to settle a claim, to determine the financial impact of decisions related to personal finances, to recommend and sell personal insurance, savings and investment products, and much more!

The Financial Services and Insurance Technology program is designed to provide versatility and professional mobility between the fields of life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance and financial services. Thus, graduates will be able to practice the following professions

Job opportunities
Damage insurance agent Damage Insurance Broker Claims adjuster
Financial security advisor Personal finance advisor

To secure your seat in the DCS program in financial services and insurance technology, you must meet the general admission requirements of the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

330 hours 390 hours 390 hours 420 hours
  • Forms of Discourse (60 h)
  • Philosophy: Knowledge (60 h)
  • Physical activity and efficiency (30 h)
  • The world of financial services and insurance (45 h)
  • Collaboration and Communication in the Digital Age (45 h)
  • Evolution of contemporary macroeconomic and financial issues (45 h)
  • Introduction to financial statements (45 h)
  • Introduction to College English (60 h)
  • Philosophy: Humanities - World Views (45 h)
  • Physical activity and health (30 h)
  • Developing and presenting a recommendation for financial products (45 h)
  • Ethical and deontological aspects of professional practice (45 h)
  • Statistics and customer relations (60 h)
  • Personal taxation: analysis and advice (60 h)
  • Personalized advice on life insurance (45 h)
  • Litterary Genres (60 h)
  • Philosophy: Ethical Issues (45 h)
  • Physical activity and autonomy (30 h)
  • Counseling: strategies and best practices (45 h)
  • Personal financial management (60 h)
  • Client needs in automobile insurance (60 h)
  • Investments and financial markets (45 h)
  • Advising individuals in general insurance (45 h)
  • Literary Themes (60 h)
  • English as a second language 1 (45 h)
  • Complementary course 1 (45 h)
  • Professional integration workshop (60 h)
  • Customer approach and sales technology (60 h)
  • Investment solutions (60 h)
  • Insurance and liability advice for companies (45 h)
  • Personalized advice in health and accident insurance (45 h)
360 hours 375 hours
  • Complementary course 2 (45 h)
  • Marketing and business development (60 h)
  • Tax optimization strategies (45 h)
  • Claims Adjustment (75 h)
  • Group Insurance and Retirement Plans (45 h)
  • Financing and credit management (45 h)
  • Internship in a professional environment (225 h)
  • Synthesis seminar (90 h)
  • Financing of companies (60 h)
DCS in financial services and insurance technology ( 4 sessions - 2 ans )
Admission fee Annual registration fee Tuition fees per session

Students residing in Quebec

Tuition fees per session

Canadian students not residing in Quebec

Tuition fees per session

International students

50 $ 200 $ 1 578 $ 3 321 $ 6 209 $
*These amounts are established for the 2022-23 school year. They are subject to change.
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